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Local SEO vs International SEO

Which is best for your business website?

It’s really pretty simple. Is your business focused on local customers or do you sell to a broader audience? If you’re a plumber you will normally only travel a certain distance for work, say a circumference of 30 – 50 miles. On the other hand, if you sell plumbing parts, you may sell and ship nationwide. So it really depends on your business.

If you are a local business it pays to invest in Local – specific – SEO. This allows potential clients who do a search based upon a city name, a zip code, or just “near me” searches to find your business FIRST.

If you sell everywhere you’re not really all that interested in local customers any more than distant ones. You want them all. SEO can be arranged for that too, focusing on the countries (or country) you wish to sell to.

Ask us how this will help your business.

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